COMAP is an international group specialized in fitting and control systems for domestic fluids.

With a 250 million Euros turnover, of which 70% is outside France, COMAP is a leading actor in Europe for fittings and heating valves.

The group has more than 1000 employees of 17 different nationalities and 8 production sites of which 5 are located in Europe.

Today, COMAP is present through our subsidiaries and partnerships in more than 20 countries and our products and systems are sold worldwide.


    For more than 60 years, COMAP has been listening to its clients needs thanks to an efficient policy based on proximity : 18 branches are spread all over the world and 200 sales engineers regularly visit customers around the globe mainly in Europe.
    This proximity enables COMAP to be reactive and to adapt to our customers’ needs. Here is the reason why COMAP is usually associated with reputation and trust.


    On September 9th 1921, two managers of an engineering factory found the “Société des Appareils à Jets“ (SAJ). After a difficult start, Jean Armand Ducos takes control of the SAJ and the turnover takes off quickly.

    The 1929 crisis is a complicated period but the company manages to get over and starts new businesses: large diameter industrial valves and end feed capillary fittings. The brand SUDO is created at that time to symbolize end feed fittings for buildings. The firm is then split: the SAJ is in charge of the industrial activity and the commercial part is now run by COMET (COmmercialisation METallurgique) which will become COMAP (Société COMmerciale APpareils Industriels) in 1949. The production is then multiplied by 4,5 and the SAJ-COMAP completes its product range making deals with Canadian (steam drain-cock), American (end feed capillary fittings), English (tailpipe) and German (steel valves) companies.

    In 1968, the SAJ-COMAP is taken over by the Société des Fonderies de Pont-à-Mousson which already owns the Société Abbevilloise de Robinetterie (SAR) and COGERO. The industrial group CGR-COMAP, subsidiary of the Pont-à-Mousson group, was born.
    In 1972, the Pont-à-Mousson group which wants to focus on valves decides to dismantle the CGR-COMAP which becomes the valve branch of Pont-à-Mousson. However, the oil crisis leads Pont-à-Mousson to restructure and affiliate it to Saunier Duval, which is a Pont-à-Mousson subsidiary. In 1984 it takes up the name of COMAP SA. Then COMAP is restructured by the Management and the company is back to profit in two years !

    In 1986 COMAP joins Groupe Legris Industries and moves towards a European leadership : It grows on the French and Belgian markets, creates subsidiaries in Germany, in Spain, in Italy, in Greece, in the United Kingdom, in Portugal, in Austria, in Sweden, in Poland, in Hungary and in Czech Republic. In 1989 Groupe Legris acquires Clesse, leader of customer installations with butane gas, which will merge with COMAP in 1992. At the same time, COMAP SA takes an interest in water softeners and acquires the activities of RIME (who will become WTI) and Raccorderie Brescianne.

    Since 2006, COMAP belongs to the Dutch group Aalberts Industries and continues its international development, in particular through the buyout of Alphacan (heating and sanitary) in 2009.


    If COMAP is a major player in its market for 60 years, it is because we have put people at the center of our company, either internally by an active communication between departments and the focus given to human resources or externally through the business units organization and the availability and professionalism of our teams.


    For our customers, relevancy and precision are necessary. In order to make sure we give the most effective answer and have the right level of expertise to their specific needs COMAP has set up a business units organization.
    Therefore Clesse is the business unit specialized in LPG product targeting professional customers and OEM. The nature of the products and the specificities of the norms and customers justify a dedicated organization.
    The same goes for WTI, our Water Treatment unit, whose complex products and applications and particular know-how requires a team of specialists.
    Finally, Domix is the business unit targeting DIY (Do It Yourself) customers for whom an expertise has been developed in packaging and marketing adapted to this specific sales network.

    COMAP WTI : Because, Quality of Water is Quality of Life COMAP WTI wants to develop « SOFT TECHNOLOGIES » devices to treat the water without chemicals and to respect the environment.

    Our business : water treatment units for residential , commercial and industrial applications.

    Water is life, water is our most valuable resource and determines the way we live: there are regions with clear water, regions with calcareous or even contaminated water; regions with water in abundance or no water at all; but the demand , the increase of population as well as climatic changes put its cycle in jeopardy ; water is becoming more and more precious , requiring increasingly specific treatments.

    COMAP WTI (formerly known as Rime SAS) strive since 1975 to inspire their customers with a large range of products, specifically designed for the treatment of water and manufactured under Quality Assurance for residential , commercial and industrial applications and to offer products and to offer them the perfect solution for their water.

    Technologies know how:

    • Filtration and micro-filtration
    • Potabilisation
    • Scale preventers
    • Softening for all application
    • Mud filters for heating application in buildings
    • Uvc sterilisation for potabilisation in water networks
    • Dischloramination for public swimming pools
    • Waste water treatments (Step) for best environnement
    • Dosing pumps for industry
    • Reverse Osmosis Processing Chain for hospitals
    • Micro-units for potabilisation connected to solar panels

    Reference products :

    • 5 in 1 water treatment station :
    • descales
    • filters the impurities
    • eliminates the bad taste of chlorine
    • reduces the presence of pesticides and herbicides
    • sterilizes the water
    • Scale preventers : electronic scaling by electric fields
    • Prefilters

    DOMIX offers to its customers, generally the end users, a Plumbing Area concentrated in a one meter shelf in the DIY shop, which is a global and professional solution to everyday’s plumbing problems: innovative and performing products for all DIY enthusiasts, a clear segmentation in the shelf (6 color codes for the 6 segments: Soldering, Paste PVC, Plumbing Maintain and Repair, Sanitary Maintain and Repair, Heating Maintain).

    COMAP has set up an efficient jobs and skills management through the generalization of the annual meetings, circulation of in-house vacancies, as well as the execution of people reviews that update needs, internal mobility hopes and potentials.
    Mid career talks, training plans and reference skills are also part of this approach to management skills and enable the adaptation of COMAP employees to the needs of the company. They also contribute to their professional development, especially through intra site, inter site, national and international mobility.

    Today, the new methods of construction, the environmental issue, the need for optimization and respect of the deadlines require close collaboration between project developers, the installer and the manufacturer.

    Close to you, serving business facilities, design offices, project owners, the COMAP sales team proposes an adapted systems approach, informs and offers innovative solutions for your individual, collective or industrial projects.

    The sales programs (metal fittings, plastic fittings, underfloor heating, hydraulic solutions and heating)
    Technical documentation (technical manuals, product information sheet)
    Determination softwares (underfloor heating/refreshing).

    Technical advisers from the COMAP design office are at your disposal to guide you and help you in your choices and technical quantifications.
    The sales team on the field offers you the best solutions, advices and supports you on the site.

    Training for installation of our products is at the heart of the COMAP approach with a specialized center which welcomes you to our industrial site in Abbeville, or directly into your premises for custom-made training programs (technical animation, products demo)

    Thermal regulation, technical advice and standards, ecological footprint, the COMAP products meet building repositories.
    COMAP guides you to identify products that meet the regulations, with the associated guarantees.


    COMAP logistics has been especially designed and rationalized to ensure our customers maximum reactivity and minimum delivery times. It consists of three poles:

    • The Front-end Supply Chain Pole manages the customer demand and the stocks of our platform and subsidiaries. This pole aims at providing the best level of service to our customers, by making information about the delivery of our products available in the shortest time. It also aims to optimize the management of the demand, deciding the level of finished goods stocks levels to ensure optimum customer service.
    • The Back-end Supply Chain Pole includes industrial planning of COMAP products and supply department. This center aims to re-translate the commercial needs in terms of feasibility and ensure the proper implementation of production and supply plans. Finally, this pole must find the best solutions in terms of factories and suppliers capacity to meet the delivery dates requested by our customers.
    • An international logistics platform Chécy of over 13,000 square meters : 8 trucks arrive daily and 12 leave to deliver our customers’ order in more than 50 countries.
      60 000 orders are processed and 57,000 parcels are delivered per month. All the clients in France and most of our customers in the Benelux, Northern Europe or Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine) are delivered directly by this platform. The other part of our customers is delivered from COMAP subsidiaries through their local stock. The front end pole provides a support on the management of this subsidiary stock to guarantee the best service to our customers.

    SUDO is a complete range of pipes and fittings :
    From the traditional copper end feed and threaded brass fittings to connect copper pipes to different appliances to our famous copper & bronze Sudopress fittings. We provide V profile fittings, the most common profile on the copper press market. Our push fittings, with our Tectite brand, are the easiest and quickest fittings of the market : you do not need any tool, just plug and play the fittings to the pipe.

    SUDO also provides time saving and easy to use fitting systems :

    • Press technology, quicker, more reliable and easier to use
    • Visu-Control : the first connection with immediate pressing proof that you can see and touch

    The SUDO Factories :
    Saint Denis de l’Hotel is our new factory, 1h south of Paris where end feed copper and Sudopress visu control fittings are produced. Brass fittings for copper pipe are produced in Arrest.

    Our modern production site is equipped with:

    • A dedicated and automatic tool for each product range
    • A specify R&D department
    • A DVGW certified laboratory

    Biofloor is a carefully selected range of products and services that is offered to professional installers and specifiers as one truly integrated solution for under floor heating and cooling. Biofloor benefits from a 12 years experience with any thinkable type of under floor heating and cooling application, which makes COMAP your number 1 partner. We offer a solution for any type of project including systems panels, tacker, grid, rail and dry with a complete range of preassembled products (modular synthetic manifolds, brass and steel manifolds, regulation, pipe, accessories and tools such as cabinets, fittings, clips, additives...

    COMAP aims for reaching maximum energy efficiency and development that are easy to install. From this point of view, COMAP provides a large range of services :

    • Fast system quotation
    • Personalised calculations and drawings
    • Free on-site technical assistance
    • Training program in one of the COMAP training centres or at the customer’s chosen location

    COMAP - combining the best of both metallic and plastic worlds, to your advantage...
    The SKINSystem range offers all the known qualities of traditional metallic piping installations:

    Robust long-lasting installations, low linear expansion, shape retaining properties and combines them to the advantages of modern plastic materials.
    Reduced weight, flexibility, corrosion resistance, noise reduction, attractive prices creating a system with enhanced comfort and convenience.

    COMAP has designed a complete system, integrating a large range of multilayer pipes and high performance press, compression and push fittings, most of which are manufactured in our own factory in Brescia, Italy. The factory, specialised in the production of brass fittings, is equipped with its own certified laboratory and R&D department.
    Our fittings are certified with our MultiSKIN4 and BetaSKIN pipe ranges. Our pipes offer the highest quality composition the market is able to offer - PE-Xc/AL/PE-Xc, with butt-welded aluminum- and comply with the strictest requirements of plumbing installations.
    COMAP is also a manufacturer of PE-Xb pipes and fittings, offering a wide choice adapted to fit every need.

    COMAP has imagined every situation and has brought you the solution.


    Since 1947, the Société Abbevilloise de Robinetterie (SAR) produces heating equipment. Its history follows that of the large French industry : SAR was successively a subsidiary of Pont à Mousson, Saunier Duval, Legris and today Aalberts Industries.
    Thanks to its historical technical know-how, COMAP is one of the most respected companies in its sector. Our cutting-edge factory of Abbeville employs 200 persons and produces 10 million SAR products every year.

    Energy control
    COMAP is a leader in energy control which is a major stake of tomorrow’s economic and ecologic challenges: regulation and distribution are among the main levers used to reduce energy dependence.

    Radiators regulation
    COMAP provides a solution for every need in comfort and energy savings: new building or renovation, residential projects, decorative towel dryers...
    Thermostatic valves help reducing the energy consumption by up to 10%. COMAP’s SENSO boasts to be the market’s benchmark in energy efficiency.

    Energy distribution in buildings
    COMAP’s balancing valves reduce the energy consumption by 10% and the COMAP energy distribution solutions permit to regulate the hydraulic circulation, improving the level of comfort by delivering the right quantity of heat in any place of the building.

    The future
    Heating accounts for 60% of the building energy. Consequently, energy saving plans focus today on reducing the losses, improving the regulation and control, individualizing the heating needs thanks to complete heating system valves. COMAP develops and produces products that satisfy tomorrow’s demands.